Hey! That’s me!

I'm happy you've found your way to Jameskainth.com whether by recommendation or accident, welcome! As an avid Jester of the Court of Life, I'm constantly learning, growing, and improving my skills. If you’re someone who has interests in the tech industry, cybersecurity,or digital forensics, you’ve come to the right place. Along with my personal games I’ll be sharing with you my insights and perspective on the latest in the field! I’m currently a consultant for a very large Fortune 100 Company, a passionate, yet busy, one at that, and this is one of my ways of joining the family and being part of the community! I am not a bot, let’s be honest there’s a bunch of them out there on the interwebz! I’m human, like so, I’m a nerd and a geek!! So don’t be surprised if I throw in a couple Winter Is Coming (Game of Thrones) or E Corp (Mr. Robot) references here and there, I do watch TV and go to the Movies now and then! That being said, feel free to contact me with any questions, or comments you have about the industry! I enjoy reading what others have to say as long as you don’t go full Demogorgon(Stranger Things) on me 🙂

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How Long Have You Been Blogging?

This is my personal blog that's been going on for over 5+ years now! There's been multiple versions and I've made my fair share of mistakes along the way, still am! If you ain't failing you ain't learning! 😊

What Should I Expect On This Website?

This site serves to be the central repository for the brain of one mad autodidact with passionately curious tendencies. As I learn new skills and information that I find necessary to document I will place it here, for the benefit of others! This is mostly focused on tech, since my specialities are in cybersecuity and digital forensics. But I also do some light reading into psychology, personal development, and business/entrepreneurship, among other things 😜

Why Do You Blog?

I'm often asked about how did I get to where I am, or how did I learn what I learned. I usually am able to explain things well enough, but I'm constantly reflecting on my life and personal development! One key fear of mine is succumbing to the curse of knowledge which could make me bias with an inability to explain the complexities of what I've learnt. So I figured, if I need the information, I'm sure others will too! So This is a repository of what I'm learning but also documentation. All my DevOps peeps know how important documentation is! It also helps me with leveraging the Feynman Method 😉

What topics or niches are you focused on?

Originally I focused only on Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics but now that life has put me in play, I have to start adulting! Which means learning new things like how to invest in stock, or a 401k (do you know the diff between roth and traditional? I didn't), or even something as simple as how to stay healthy and maintain my own well-being. All my Th1rstyCyb3rD3m0n5 know those late nights, solving problems with [insert junk food here] in hand! They take a toll when not balanced with self-care and healthy tuning of the human gears! 🤣